Monday, December 19, 2011

Cookies for the Holidays!

       Ok, so i've been super lazy for the past few months! sorry!!! I have a good excuse though!
        Welcome Baby #2 to the family! :) I've been tired and sick for months and this last week I spent time making cookies. it's the first time I've had a desire to do anything in a LONG time.

Sugar cookies I had fun decorating. If only I liked to eat them!!! My daugher won't eat them because there is frosting on them and she doesn't like to get dirty. :)

  This is a recipe I got from my sister in law and they are soooo good! I was baking them with my daughter and counting how many cups of flour i was putting in the bowl. I sorta lost count and believe there is a cup missing. They turned out more flat than hers, but still taste awesome and are soft and moist. MMMMM..  There are milk choc chips in them and semi sweet chips AND white choc chips too!

These are my husband's FAVORITE cookies! Peanut butter cup cookies using a mini mufin tin. I got the recipe from   they are more moist than the back of the bag recipe.

I also made ginger cookies that are like ginger snaps only a soft version I found on pintrest. I NOW can't upload a picture of it because the file is messed up and i deleted it. anyway, they are awesome! I can't find the recipe either. I'm sorry.