Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diaper Bag for Our new little girl

     This pattern is from the previous post I made "diaper bag for Mary" where I was disappointed in the pattern and wanted to make some changes. I figured out how to change the pockets inside to be big enough on the ends to actually use and I added a zippered pocket on the outside to keep my chapstick, lotion etc handy. 
               I found a tutorial online that helped me figure out how to do it:

It's a pocket INSIDE a pocket!!

   For this bag I used canvas on the oustide as well and for the inside I used "Bundle of Jungle" print by Marcus Brothers. 
     It has a zippered top and binding along the top that my poor fingers are cursing me for doing.  There are also 6 pockets on the outside .. plus the zippered one, and 6 pockets on the inside.  Now I need to make some things like a changing pad and wet bag. :)

This was an old jjcole binki holder that I took apart and TRIED to make it with my fabric. It worked, but it's not the best sewing job ever.

I also made some pacifier clips really quick. :)

It's good to get one thing on my list of many things to sew done!