Thursday, May 10, 2012

Apple of My Eye Minky Blanket

           This fabric was recieved in the mail today and I couldn't help but want to use it NOW! :) I washed it and dried it and have been doing nothing since. My house is a mess and SHOULD be cleaning, but who wants to clean when you can create something?! I purchased the fabric from She is wonderful to work with and the fabric exceded my expectations! The quality of the minky is definitly better than any i've ever purchased from joanns. yes, you pay a little bit more, but it's worth it!!!!!

          I used a few tutorials SORTOF. Which means, I read them over and just go off on my own.  This tutorial and blog are excelent!

             I am new to working with minky, and boy do I know it. It's stretchy and lets just say this blanket didn't turn out perfect. none of my stuff ever is, that's the fun in it! :) I used pure and natural batting in the middle of cotton and minky so it added some thickness and warmth. because it wasn't exactly lined up perfect, there was some twisting and bagging in the two layers. I made it a bigger blanket too (45" square) so the blanket probably needed to be tied or something anyway. I ended up machine stitching around the striped apples. It took me all day I think.  In the end, it turned out just great!

  This is a HORRIBLE fold job, but my camera was acting up so I can't get another picture. I LOVE all the pretty bright colors!! :) I can't wait to snuggle my baby in it!!!