Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boppy Slip Cover

     This project was so easy and fast. I read this:  and sorta just did my own thing based on this. I didn't print a pattern out or anything. I just traced the cover that came with it allowing for seam allowances.  I even winged the velcro closure and it came out great! :) Love it!

         I didn't have a boppy with my first baby, so I wanted one with this one that's due soon. I didn't want to pay $35.00 or more for one so I found one used on ksl or something. I paid $15.00 and it didn't stink. It was clean and in excelent shape.  I washed it still and looking at the cover that it came with it looked pretty see thorough and skimpy so I thought... I'll make a new one!!!! :) It took me about 45 min from start to finish. :) EASY!

Velcro closure

soft minky type side