Quiet Book


This book didn't start out this huge it only got that way because I kept getting more and more ideas on pages I could do. I've decided that it's finally done and I should probably not cary it around with all those pages inside all at once. It's really big. I see on other blogs how moms make one book for each kid. I DON'T KNOW HOW THEY HAVE THE DESIRE to do this again and again. It's so time consuming and very detailed. I could probably make the next one a lot nicer and more straight and stuff after learning what I did from this one.

To start with I Cut 10 1/2" x 12" pieces for each page. I used muslin and lined each page with fusible interfacing. I think my seam allowances were 1/2". I finished this a while ago so I don't remember everything about it.

With this page I cut out a pot and zig zaged it on making sure the ric rac ends are folded underneath and the stem pieces are under the top as well. I stitched down the ric rac at different lengths and sewed buttons on there. I cut felt flowers and made button holes in each one.

this one I just free handed out the shapes of the tree trunks nad grass and basket. I threw together some green for the trees ans stitched them all down. I made sure the line for the clothesline was tucked under and tied on before I sewed. I also strung the clothes pins on first and tied them in place. I then hand stitched the knots in the back of the clothespins to the page. Make sure to leave an opening in the top of the basket for the clothes to go into. I sewed some flower buttons on and stitched around each piece of clothes to keep the shape nice.

Once you have two pages together you can place them right sides together and stitch around the edges leaving an opening to turn right side out. stitch around the edges and make a seam up the gromet side. place your gromets and you are done. Make sure while you are making your pages that you off center them so there is room on the sides for gromet placement.

I just winged the pocket measurements for the pencil and paper. I used binding for the top so it wouldn't stretch. The mail box is a pocket for letters to go inside. Make sure you stitch all the decorations and letters on before you stitch the box down. I wasn't thinking when I did this and the M is down through the whole thing. I wasn't about to take it all apart at the time and now, I kinda wish I would have. I discovered after all this time that doing this kind of stuff it would be very helpful to buy a clear presser foot used for applique so you can see where you are stitching.

The little orange thing is a pocket gurage for teh car. the cone has velcro on the back and can be moved all over the road.

snaps on each one. I made these double thick so you don't see the back of the snap.

I made this silly looking horse up myself and just stitched him on. there is a small gromet where the ribbon comes out and the ends are stitched down under the gromet. I used yarn for grass and hair. His eyes are stitched by hand around the raw edge. I also glued them in with perminant glue.

The water is a pocket for the fish and pole to go inside. the fish are magnetic and the hook is as well. I used a small dowel for the fishing pole nad glued and stitched felt on for the grip. a small hole was drilled in the end for the rope to go through.

I saw this idea on someone's blog and loved it!! She has a lot of fun with it.

This is Frog Tic Tac Toe! The lilly pad is a big pocket with snaps holding it closed on the top.
There are magnets under each square on the water and magnets inside each frog and lily pad. I had stitched each frog and lilly pad together and hot glued the eyes and spots on.

The dog I had seen on someone's blog and I free handed the shapes and stitched them down by hand because it looked cooler to me at the time and I don't think I had the right color of thread or something. The collar was supposed to have a ring on it that a cute tag was hanging off on. My problem is that I stay up till all hours of the morning to sew and get things done sometimes and my brain isn't always as alert as I'd like it to be. :) I ended up putting the collar on upside down and it just looked funny so I in my reasoning cut it off completely and just made it work. I also should have used interfacing behind the dog because he is sorta baggy.


Under each piece is velcro.

inside the chest is a good place to hide fruit snacks and play necklaces.

velcro under the goose and pocket pig. She likes to take them out and squeese them. SO CUTE! lol.

I saw something like this on a blog and ran with the idea.

the top left is a mirror if you were wondering. the other thing is a window. This one seemed better in my mind but it turned out ok. the kitty slides across the yarn into it's bed and the fish jumps out of the tank. I also saw something like this on a blog and condensed two or three pages into one and changed things up a little.

finally done!!