Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blessing Day

    I have a hard time seeing my son is growing so fast already! I want him to stay little but he is a tank!! He weighed 11lbs 2oz at his 6 week apt. crazy! But he is so stinking Adorable that It's hard to not want to see what he will look like as he gets older too.

I am obsessed with baby feet! I could kiss them all day! 

... and kiss his sweet face all over! I can just hear my 8 year old little boy saying "stop mom! your embarrassing me!" :) He can't stop me now! 

This is the blessing outfit I made for him! The blog post about it is found here
Doesn't he look so SOOOO handsome?!!! I sure think so! His daddy does too!


                  His blessing was so Beautiful and sweet! I love the Priesthood and the special men who hold it. I love that my little boy has such an amazing father too look up to! I have been so blessed!

My parents came for a quick visit and were able to be here for this special day! My children have loving grandparents and I'm so grateful for that! 

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