Sunday, April 22, 2012

Newborn Blessing Dress

made from OLD wedding dress

It still needs a wash and press and some pretty buttons on the back, but it's done and so PRETTY!!!

For this dress, I used McCall's pattern M4865.  I am in love with the pattern it's self, but VERY disappointed in the instructions.  There were TWO times I was so confused and left not knowing what the heck to do. Luckily I pulled out a simplicity pattern (4709) that had the same things going on and the instructions were SO DETAILED in comparison. 

         For example: McCall's - On skirt back - step 3: Open out slashed edges of back. baste right side of contiunous lap to wrong side of back, placing reinforcement stitching on back along the remaining 1/4" seamiline on lap, matching circles. STITCH. ( the pictures also left me clueless- and I sew a lot)

      Simplicity-  Spread slashed edges of skirt apart so that they form a straight line. Baste right side of cintinuous lap to wrong side of slashed edges, matching stitching lines and small dots.  Stitch along stitching line. ... after that I was like... Oooohhhh!
          ....and when I was doing the binding on the sleeve, the instructions were less that informative, so I eventually cut new sleeve pieces and binding pieces and went ahead like it was blanket binding. I would have thought that in the first place, but for me, the instructions made it sound like you did it a completely different way.

I love how the inside of the dress is lined and all sewn in by hand. it took all day, but it looks nice!

On the dress pattern pieces, it has the length an extra foot longer than I made it.  I wanted it shorter than my first daughter's dress but ended up the same length. (I wanted her cute little shoes to show -silly right?)
          no, I did not do beading on it myself, it's just part of the wedding dress beading. I did however break a needle on one, after that I was super careful! :)

     I did not do lace on the bottom like the instructions talk about, I just did a regular hem and stitched it by hand! :) All in all, I finished this dress in a day and a half.  I had interruptions and at night I just called it quits because I was so frustrated with the instructions! :) VERY happy with the outcome though!


Cupcake skirt and shirt


       It's been a while since I've posted but now that I've dug out an old camera, I can update as I go! I had this cute fabric left over from last year and wanted to make my little girl a cute bouncy skirt that was comfortable and full! I had no pattern for this and I should have taken measurements and If my camera wasn't broken, i'd have taken pictures of each step.  It was pretty easy and turned out just like I hoped!
        The shirt was just an applique I made up. I wanted an NON perfect cupcake top with sprinkles and added a strawberry on top! the cupcake top is yellow dot minkee.  It has been washed a few times since It was made, so i apologize for it being wrinkly and not FRESH! :)

     This skirt really didn't use a lot of fabric, but took patience while I did the ruffles. I started at the top and wanted the yellow to be double thick and also be a slip underneath all in one. I attatched the cupcake next and topstitched in place after a little gathering. Then the pink ruffle was last.  i'm sorry this isn't more detailed and instructive. I kick myself for not thinking ahead about this post.

   there is the slip that is all in one. PERFECT and so comfortable I imagine! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Back Tie Bow Dress

    I apologize for the bad pictures, my camera is broken and we need a new one.

    I bought this pattern a while ago and intended to sew it, but it has taken me a long time to get to it.  The pattern can be purchased here:  she also sells kits so you don't have to do fabric selections.

      When I bought this fabric I did not have this dress in mind, so I only bought two fabrics rather than the tree it calls for. Oh well, it works! My daughter loves this dress and it's so comfy looking. She twirls and runs and feels like the pretty little girl she is!

     This pattern is very easy to use and it took no time to cut fabric out. I did most of it the measure and tear way. I did not get my iron out and iron like the instructions said, and If I REALLY cared about perfection, I should have for a few spots. I think next time I make this dress, I'll topstitch the ties so they lay down better. I would totally recomend this pattern to others and think it's a fun dress to make! It doesn't look sloppy either.