Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Keira's Big Girl Room


        A few weeks ago I asked around to get some advice on my daughter's bedding choices! I love the choice I made and love how her room turned out! :) She loves it too! I loved hearing her scream and squeal as she climbed up and started jumping! :) The room we were working with was small and I wanted it to brighten up and feel light and cheerful! I think I got the result I wanted. I chose Behr "Springtime Bloom" in Satin and Disney color: I think it was "Baby Bee Yellow" not sure though. I did white trim and doors. Thank you Nancy for helping me paint.  I will also be making her a solid pink valance.  Her solid pink wall needs something. I am thinking some vinyl something. ???


A wonderful grandpa in our ward cut out the cute flowers and made the flower centers for me! I love them!


I hot glued some tacks to buttons for the end of the clothesline, strung some painted craft size clothespins on the line. Each of them had a tack hot glued on the back as well. simple as that! I used some different sort of string for it. not sure what it is.


This was a yellow butterfly I found at Hobby Lobby a few years ago and I painted it pink and green. I also left some yellow and added sparkle!

          I thought I could knock this room out in a day like I used to be able to. WRONG! The first day painting we got a lot done although the yellow paint was thin and took 3 coats to cover! I think that is just yellow paint though. It seems I had this trouble last time I used yellow. That night my mother in law left me and took my daughter with her so I could get some more painting done. That night I was so sick. While I was painting I was having shortness of breath and felt I was going to pass out. I felt queasy and just plain tired and gross. I cut the pink wall in that night feeling that way and felt like I might die. Then It just got worse. all night I was up with.. "parvo". If you don't know what that is, look it up. :) it's a dog disease, but it works. :) (I used to work at a vet clinic for years and that's what we called it whenever someone was sick.) I didn't get painting done at all that night and felt terrible.

           The next day I worked all day and got it done. the white took 4 coats to cover and I got it all done while keira napped. I decided I'd clean up a little and I bumped the ladder that had the white paint on top. I left it out because I would paint the back of the closet doors once I got some things put away. You probably know what happened next. The gallon of paint knocked over, hit my head, covered my hair and eye with paint, fell to the floor and covered the ladder on the way. I got my eye cleaned out and saw the disaster I made. I started to freak out and called my husband who was hours away from being home. I started cleaning up best I could and called my friend for help! She came and brought her carpet cleaner and took my daugher with her to the part for a ward activity. I spent the next long hours soaking the floor with hot soapy water and sucking it back up. My newly painted walls had white runs in them. I cleaned it all up the best I could and noticed my hair was a matted crusty mess still. The inside of my ear was even covered. Gross. I went and soaked in the tub and took a brush to my hair... ouch. I went back to cleaning and putting her room back to order. The floor now looks like new and her walls ... well, the door is the only thing I notice has a run in it. I don't really feel like picking up a paint brush any time soon. The moral of the story!!!!! Don't paint when you are sick, exhausted or have small children. EVER. :) If you must like I did, put plastic down on the floor and prepare for extra days of mess.

Garage sale special!


         I started jogging a while ago (it's been a few weeks now since i've gone. :( it's just so blazing hot!) and my friend gave me a double jogging stroller I thought we'd have need for by now. With just my daughter, pushing a double around was heavy and used more energy to push than I wanted to. I found this awesome new looking jogging stroller for $5.00 a few weeks ago!

         ok.. get this. I bought the stroller, and 3 books each .50. and some mk face wash for 5.00.  The guy said.. ok how much will that be? I said 11.50. He said, how about 16.00 because I like your hair. I was like ... ok...??? and handed him my 20.00. I left scratching my head not sure what happened. maybe he only had 4.00 change. Oh well, it was still a good deal!

       ANYWAY.... while I was running, I noticed my daughter being a little uncomfortable where her head hit the back piece. It was just a curved bar with NO Padding at all. so I thought.. "I KNOW I can fix that!" I sometimes feel I have a small superpower. lol! I spend a few hours one night and finished the next morning on this padded stroller liner. It has about 6 layers of padding in the top part. I LOVE my old noisy sewing machine!  It's exactly what I hoped for. :) She likes it and so do I!  The sewn on straps for this stroller are shredding and can not be replaced, so I also made strap covers.

Look at what My husband did!

       I'm so proud! He works all week long In a different state and comes home on his vacation time and builds shelves in the Garage!!! It only took over a year to do it, but now that it's done we both love having them there! All our JUNK is off the floor and not in a pile. it's so nice! Thank You Josh for helping!!! :) WE can now park BOTH cars in there!
I would love to see my husband have a shop like my dad's! Peg boards up with all his tools organized and a big tool box  and work benches everywhere! someday! for now this works!

Peasant dress

This dress started out as a Pillowcase dress I did a trade for with!/grannybsclothesline. She has done wonderful things for me in the past and her stuff is always adorable. I just recieved this dress and was bored with it. so plain and simple and no shape.I think I just don't like pillowcase dresses.  I decided i'd take a pattern I had for a peasant top and add length to it and make it a dress. The pattern I used is found here:  I love LOVE love this pattern, and I love the way it turned out!  it is so comfortable to wear. .... I'm sure. :)
I also took the ribbon that was in it and made her a bracelet to wear.
I got these projects done a few weeks ago, I just never got them posted till now. :)