Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garage sale special!


         I started jogging a while ago (it's been a few weeks now since i've gone. :( it's just so blazing hot!) and my friend gave me a double jogging stroller I thought we'd have need for by now. With just my daughter, pushing a double around was heavy and used more energy to push than I wanted to. I found this awesome new looking jogging stroller for $5.00 a few weeks ago!

         ok.. get this. I bought the stroller, and 3 books each .50. and some mk face wash for 5.00.  The guy said.. ok how much will that be? I said 11.50. He said, how about 16.00 because I like your hair. I was like ... ok...??? and handed him my 20.00. I left scratching my head not sure what happened. maybe he only had 4.00 change. Oh well, it was still a good deal!

       ANYWAY.... while I was running, I noticed my daughter being a little uncomfortable where her head hit the back piece. It was just a curved bar with NO Padding at all. so I thought.. "I KNOW I can fix that!" I sometimes feel I have a small superpower. lol! I spend a few hours one night and finished the next morning on this padded stroller liner. It has about 6 layers of padding in the top part. I LOVE my old noisy sewing machine!  It's exactly what I hoped for. :) She likes it and so do I!  The sewn on straps for this stroller are shredding and can not be replaced, so I also made strap covers.