Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bears to remember Logan

In memory of Logan
If you click on Logan's name above you can see him on Youtube playing the harmonica 

          These bears were made for a customer who lost her son a short while ago and wanted these bears to give as Christmas presents.   I cut each piece out of his clothing and Tried my hardest to make sure each stitch I made was the best I could do. This project was a little different for me and I wanted to be thoughtful. This may sound a little odd for some of you, but before I made my first cut, I said a quick little prayer that I would be able to do a good job and feel the spirit as I did these bears.  I was very touched and overwhelmed with love for this young man that I had never even met before.  I know he was a special person and I am absolutely heartbroken that his family is without him, but I know they will see him again and that he is needed and being a missionary on the other side.

 for this project I used McCalls Craft 6135 
The pattern is pretty simple and easy to follow.  I love it and will be making more! 
I also had the fabric for the hearts embroidery done by Cover Up

Bear 1
 This was my first bear and I feel bad that he is not perfect. each bear got better and better. This one has a crooked nose and crooked eyes.  


Bear 2:
I wish I would have taken a before picture of the shirt.  I wanted to incorporate the shirt as much in this bear as I could because the logo was too big to use effectively. I did Sheriff stars on his feet.  I just Googled sheriff badge pictures and put the picture in Microsoft works in different sizes, printed it off, traced the design on heat and bond lite and then appliqued them on. The shirt was a baseball type shirt (raglan) and had navy sleeves so I made the arms navy to look like the shirt too. 
This was the only place I could use the logo because of it's size.
The logo on the bottom piece is off center a little because of the leg piece I cut out.  It works though. 

Bear 3:

Bear 4:

Bear 5:

This one is my favorite I think.  Just because the brown flannel I used turned out looking like leather. :) 
Jacket logo in the ear


  1. I love them!!! Nice work! They will love them!!

  2. Beautiful work - Thanks for sharing.
    There are no flaws, just part of each bears individual personality. Perfect the way they are.