Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ruffle Aprons

              For Christmas this year, my 3 year old is getting a play kitchen and I know she will love it!! She loves helping me in the kitchen and making "cakes" in her pot and pan set she got for her birthday. I found a tutorial online for one, but it was all in cm measurements and for me a little indirect with the instructions.  I guess I'm just used to sewing patterns that you buy of etsy now with step by step instructions with pictures.  I was also feeling like I wanted to do a full lining on the back and the way I usually sew, I just look at the picture and duplicate it. needless to say, It turned out just fine! :)
          I bought this fabric from xogigifabrics and LOVE the quality and sparkles on the cupcakes. The Fabrics I used were:
cupcakes are cupcakes in pink/ manufacturer: Michael Miller
 Remix Polka Dots in Spring
Remix Stripes in Spring
Robin Egg Solid by Robert Kaufman
Zig Zag In Spring

The whole remix line is designed by Anne Kelle and manufactured by Robert Kaufman.

I used 1 yard of the cupcakes and still have a little left over. 1 yard of the polka dots and 1/2 yard of everything else.  for the back I used an old sheet. 

For the oven mitt I used fusible fleece for the backing of the cupcakes and old sheet on the inside.  I made binding for the opening with the polka dot fabric.  for the pattern I just traced one of her Melissa and Doug ones and added 1/4" to the whole outside. 

For the waist, instead of having ties I would always have to tie and untie, I made her Velcro. the button is just for looks. 

The neck I made long so I could attach more buttons as she grew and it would help her do her buttons. :) 

I even sewed her some felt raviolis using my pinking shears and 2 1/2" squares. I modge podged a label on that I found on Google.  I just searched for ravioli labels or something.  The jar is a plastic one from JoAnns. 

for my apron, I did the same type of thing, but hated how wide the waistband was, so after finishing it, i thought about it for a while and thought if I spent good money on fabric and put all this time into it, I don't want to have something I don't like.  I decided to take it apart.  My good old seam ripper and I!!! I decided to add another layer to the bib part also, and another strap for the neck tie that is adjustable and not just a button. 
AFTER; I like it a lot better now!! :) 

I have to say that my daughter is NOT  a morning person at all. She takes after me!!! It took her about 2 hours to wake up completely on Christmas morning.  

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