Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Stockings

         When we celebrated our first Christmas years ago as a family, I wanted to make us matching stockings.  I used a pattern for them that I bought from JoAnn's and made the smaller size.  If I ever find that pattern again i'd make the bigger one for sure.  They turned out awesome other than nothing much fit in them.    
    Since then, We moved to a different state and I had my sewing things in a few different places.  Once we put my sewing room in the unfinished basement so our baby could have my room, my sewing stuff is super unorganized and I can't find things often... like this pattern.  I also saw one like this online somewhere and wanted to make one. I figured that If we have another baby, I can just make both kids a new stocking and if I don't have enough fabric, i'll just make all new ones.  I hate trying to make decisions on the unknown and always playing it safe.  I decided to do what I wanted and I have no regrets about it. :)

       I started by drawing a pattern on paper of what I thought it should look like, added a 1/4 seam allowance all the way around, and made sure it was the same on both sides.  The rest came together pretty easy.  Now, the only thing I would change about my pattern is the feet.  They turned out more narrow than I anticipated, but still... cute! :) The bum flap on this stocking is a pocket too.  :) 

      Thanks goes out to my awesome aunt who helped me get the letters for the stocking on short notice! She helped me with the first ones.  She has a sizzix that cuts out the font for these and I wanted them to match.  I don't know anyone else with one around here, so she totally saved the day.  It's one more thing on my list I wish I had. :) I would use it so OFTEN!! 

More stockings: 

         My parents mentioned they didn't have stockings they used anymore so I thought i'd whip them up one and they could use them if they wanted to next year.  I tried to find fabric I had that was close to things they are interested in.  The pattern and tutorial I found online for these is AWESOME and works great! you can find it HERE.  For the heel and toe areas, I used heat and bond instead of spray adhesive  I also expanded the hanger loop to 2.5" wide I think. Rather than doing a zig zag stitch around the heel and toe, I did an applique stitch. 
My dad is always in the shop working with wood and loves the outdoors and camping.
He's super hard to find anything for anymore because he has everything he could want at this point in his life and .... he's happy with the smallest things. :) I ended up filling it with snacks and candy he likes.  

My mom likes to ... bake and cook. :) 

Here is a sneak peak of my next post: 
I filled her's with ... a bear! 

My husband's boss loves hunting. His was made with camo and brown minkee. 

         We filled his with a camo mug, Spade L steak seasoning (best ever!), beef jerky, ... what else.. oh, I threw in some more scentsy.. ??? I don't even know if he likes it or not. :)  it seems like there was more. can't remember. 

              I also made a stocking for my brother who is serving overseas right now. It's made out of uniform and red ribbon.  the lining doesn't match exactly, but it's what I had on hand.  Needed to whip this up fast and get it in the mail to him a long with a bunch of cookies.  I have awesome friends that helped me get together 4 boxes worth of cookies for his squadron. 
                    The hanging loop is my favorite part- It's the label on the shirt. 

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