Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our 2012 Christmas Pajamas

I just have to show you... All the pictures I took turned out so silly.  Mainly my oldest was making faces and being squirmy. Needless to say, after 5 min in the car right after these pictures, she crashed.  
They crack me up!!!

If you want info on what patterns I used and where I purchased my fabric or shirts, click HERE

          My husband usually needs extra tall length, but he wasn't home so I grabbed an old pair of pajamas and added an inch more to the length just in case.  I did the waist the same as the other pair... or so I thought. When he put them on Christmas eve, I should have taken a picture.  He hiked them up like Steve Urkle.  It was hilarious !! Obviously knit wears different than flannel.  I should have shortened the waist a lot more than I did and kept the length where It was... and even done a smaller size. Mine were the same way.  I wish I would have done a smaller size and kept the length where it was.  OH WELL!! Lesson learned.  I hate looking back on projects and saying.. I shoulda!! or on life experiences period. all it does is cause regret and upset. so.. MOVING ON!   

        The girls pajamas turned out adorable! If I had a serger they would look so much better and the bottom hem would be the length it should.  I am also still after all these years, learning my machine.  I discovered after doing two pairs of pajamas that I was using the wrong stitch.  it was still some sort of stretch stitch, but it was way thicker of a stitch and used way more thread than the other stitch I found.  (my machine is SUPER old) This is my first knit project so next time, i'll know! I do like knit and I do love this pattern! the only thing I would do differently next time with the pattern is the neck.  I would stitch BOTH shoulders together and stitch the neck binding together and then just attach the neck binding like you do the arms, then top stitch.  that way you don't have an open ugly seam on the inside of the neck. 

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