Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More bears

          I was asked by another customer to do some bears for Christmas gifts.  Doing bears is a great joy to me to be able to touch people's lives in such a tender way. The two jeans ones were for sisters and the middle one was for herself to remember their mother by. These were made out of their mom's favorite outfit.

         I ran out of jeans to do 3 bears with it, so I used her t- shirt to do a bear in. I've done another bear in a t-shirt and I never had a problem.  This particular shirt must have had more stretch in it than the other one because it lost it's shape really easily. I told the customer that this bear looks like he gained 30 lbs. :) Still cute and super squishy! :) Her mom loved country stars, so this bear got them. 
Here are the two bears next to each other. Same pattern, sewn the same way, just different fabrics. 

    If anyone is interested in having me make these bears for them, I charge $50.00 a bear. If you want the heart or shape on the chest done, it's $3.00 extra per bear. If you need shipping two and from, that will be up to you to take care of.  I enjoy making these and put my heart and soul into each bear. Each bear takes me approx 2 days to work on them if I have no other plans and if my girls cooperate. :)  Other memory bears I've seen sell for this much on etsy or blogs, but they are super simple bears with out cute faces and ears.. hands and feet. Other bears I've made can be seen HERE. I like to know some history about who the clothes came from and the family member getting them, so I can make it extra personal. One bear can be made from one L or bigger shirt and extras come from other clothing you provide.  Other fabrics work such as: jeans, fleece, sweatshirts, cotton button up shirts, flannel... etc. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: I am always happy to talk with you on a project or answer questions you may have. 

               I wanted to try something a little different and do the same bears on a smaller scale. I scanned each pattern piece in the computer and shrunk them.  This is how some turned out. 

                    These were bears for my girls using fabric I had on hand just to try it out.  The bear on the right is soft and made with minkee and cotton.  I would have done the nose in chenille like the other bear though.  the bear on the left is made from minkee and cotton and chenille. I ran out of chenille to do the main body with so I improvised. My girls don't care that they aren't PERFECT, they love them and cuddle them just the same! :) 

           This was a bear I made for my mom for Christmas this year.  It's the smaller size and made with flannel and chenille. (minkee for pads of feet)  it turned out so cute!! :)  This bear is also an example of what the eyes and nose are like without the white dots.  The pattern has you put them on, but I like them either way. 

The discovery I made with the smaller size is that they take just as much time to create! The cutting out part is a LITTLE faster I think, and they obviously use less fabric, but still the same amount of work and time put into them. 


  1. Hi, I love these bears! Where could I purchase the pattern at? My little boy passed away and I have been wanting to make something for the hospital besides blankets. I think these would be great and cuddly for the kids. Thank you for sharing you are very talented.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your son. That sounds like a great project that I think the kids would love!I have information on the pattern used etc in the red paragraph above if u click on the bold red "Here". If that doesnt help i can get a link once i am on a regular computer.