Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cupcake skirt and shirt


       It's been a while since I've posted but now that I've dug out an old camera, I can update as I go! I had this cute fabric left over from last year and wanted to make my little girl a cute bouncy skirt that was comfortable and full! I had no pattern for this and I should have taken measurements and If my camera wasn't broken, i'd have taken pictures of each step.  It was pretty easy and turned out just like I hoped!
        The shirt was just an applique I made up. I wanted an NON perfect cupcake top with sprinkles and added a strawberry on top! the cupcake top is yellow dot minkee.  It has been washed a few times since It was made, so i apologize for it being wrinkly and not FRESH! :)

     This skirt really didn't use a lot of fabric, but took patience while I did the ruffles. I started at the top and wanted the yellow to be double thick and also be a slip underneath all in one. I attatched the cupcake next and topstitched in place after a little gathering. Then the pink ruffle was last.  i'm sorry this isn't more detailed and instructive. I kick myself for not thinking ahead about this post.

   there is the slip that is all in one. PERFECT and so comfortable I imagine! :)