Monday, July 14, 2014

My Little Pony Birthday Party

       This was a small birthday because I had just had a baby two weeks earlier and I wasn't up to doing a big party this year. I still wanted her to have a special day and to know her mom still made an effort even though her hands were full with a new baby.  She chose a Pinky Pie toy for the top of her cake and I just fell in love with the look of the rose cakes you see all over pintrest.

     When I went to do the roses I was using store bought pink lemonade frosting and it was super runny.. Rather than thickening it with powdered sugar, I just put it in the fridge and hoped it would set up enough to get roses to form.  It worked but I was running out of frosting fast this way.  Two cans of it and I still had empty spots.  I improvised best I could and then she also picked out pink candy pearls to use on her cake.

     The name banner is just two cardboard decorative straws, some twine and cardstock/scrapbook paper triangles with letters drawn on.  Ta Dah!! simple, but cute!

    For decorations I just got a cheap walmart My little Pony birthday banner and got some balloons.  She LOVED helping put the balloons up and hanging he banner.  We even left it up for a week!

She got a new bike (my husband wanted a blue one because our son can use it after she grows out of it. We can't have him ride a pink bike! :) Besides, she loves blue!) 

She also got some clothes and sunglasses! Look at this beauty rock em! 

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