Saturday, July 12, 2014

Introducing Our New Baby Boy!


          Well, I disappeared again because I just had a baby! He is a month old now and I have been so preoccupied with this sweet perfect boy and trying to find the balance between housework, being a wife and mother two my now three children. It's been a really rough recovery from my csection and now I'm getting into the emotional tired phase. In short, I'm wacko!

         The last month I was on medication to stop contractions and on limited bed rest.  It didn't work. After 4 trips to labor and delivery that month they decided they better call the doctor in and get him out!! Thank goodness! He was 2 weeks early and weighed 8lbs 2oz still!!!!   My recovery with this csection was terrible and it's probably because my body was trying to get him out for so long that by the time he actually did come, I was exhausted.

      During my pregnancy I have had people terrify me with comments or stories of babies dying or unwanted advice. I think everyone should avoid talking to pregnant women at all! Lol! Just kidding. But most moms know what I mean. The other day at the dentist, the hygienist was just weeks away from having her baby and we had a wonderful conversation. This is her first baby and she was feeling scared and asking me questions because I JUST went through this at the same hospital with the same doctor. I assured her she would love the hospital and staff and the dr is amazing too! With all she was asking, I gave what to me feels like the best advice ever.

          "Don't go in there with any set expectations as best as you can. Go with the flow. If u need an epidural, get one. Don't worry about anyone's opinion but your own. Don't stress about nursing. If you are tense and upset, nursing might be a bad experience. If you find nursing is making life unbearable, it's ok to do formula and it doesn't make you a bad mom. (With my first I stuck with nursing through months of tears and anxiety and pain. I remember bawling to my husband about how I am a terrible mom if I bottle feed. But nursing was so bad it's all I wanted to do. I stuck with it but wished I would have done what was less traumatic) I also told her ..if you have visitors and want to sleep or have a break, say so. It's ok to kick people out. Basically, do what feels good for you and just go with the flow. Having set plans suddenly change like they do just leaves you freaking out. I always freak out with the arrival of a new baby anyway, but additional freakage can be avoided. ;)

         Now, I just soak up this little man and LOVE every min I get to be with him! He is so sweet and calm. My girls never were, and I was constantly stressed because they both had colic and reflux and just screamed for hours on end. I'm so grateful that baby #3 has been perfect for our family and I KNOW my Heavenly Father put this special boy into our family for a reason.  For me, going from the first baby to the second was the hardest adjustment with all the emotional junk you deal with.  We all made it though and now baby #3 has not hardly been an adjustment at all.  he is AMAZING!!!!

       What also makes having this baby so special is that his sisters just ADORE him!! Six weeks later and they still fight over who gets to hold him and every time he makes a fuss they come running to me! Mom he's crying!! (yeah, probably because you just poked him in the eye!) 

Emmett xoxoxo

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