Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boy Blessing outfit

    You may have seen in earlier blog posts that I sewed my daughter a blessing gown out of my old OLD wedding dress and my niece the same with her mom's dress. For my son, I wanted him to look cute and not wear one of those all in one things you always see.  I LOVE the vest and tie combo, so I went with that.  I hoped I could find some fabric that was white that wasn't a weird texture or just plain cotton.  I had no luck and then remembered I still had satin left over from my dress.

    I found a little button up onesie from children's place on sale with free shipping for under $8 and thought it would be dumb to NOT get it.  less work for me! I bought this vest pattern on etsy that is reversible, has nb-5t in the pattern I got, and she also sells a 6t-? size next. I KNEW I would use the pattern again so It was a no brainer to buy it. YAY! my first boy pattern! lol!
     The pattern was easy to follow until you get to the almost done stage when the back bottom is still open.  Yes, I used my seam ripper and did it wrong the first time.  NOW that I know what to do it will be easy and fast to make more. Don't look too closely, my pockets aren't on straight and the buttons aren't perfect either.  I made a nb size and just hope he isn't a huge boy that won't fit!

     I quickly made a little bowtie referencing several bowtie tutorials online I could find.  For one this tiny I just eyeballed the size and went with it.  it is just a velcro in the back kind.  I may need to adjust it once I try this on him.

      When it came to doing the pants, I had hardly any fabric left and started to panic.  I found this easy pattern online that is free and used every piece of satin i had left that was big enough. The pants were unfortunately short so I needed to add length to them the only way I could.  I added a cuff on the bottom.  I HATE the way it looks, but it works and I don't think anyone will honestly notice.  :) I often hear i'm too hard on myself and it's true.  I need to just chill and admire that I can make stuff! :)  
    Now I can't wait to see him and his daddy on his blessing day! :) I'm sure he will be one proud papa! 

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