Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Diaper bag

 Yes, ANOTHER diaper bag! It seems like with each baby I want a new better one. One that is more fashionable, more practical, bigger, smaller......and I have not loved one yet. I fell in love with bags on etsy that cost 100.00 and up, but thought I could try and make a similar bag with less zippers and things. I bought some fabric that cost around $13.00. I had fusible fleece already, then went to Joann's with two coupons to buy magnetic snap, big metal rings and some stiff interfacing. I spent about $11.00 there. THEN I needed more fabric for pockets. Sigh, another $4.00 later I had everything I needed.

    I used this pattern to make it found on etsy. I did the strap a little different because I could not find the sliders anywhere!! It is a set length and I also widened it to be 1 1/2" wide finished.  It also has stiff interfacing in it as well as the interior of the bag.

   On the inside I did my own thing as far as pockets go.  I love having lots of pockets and am happy with how much I can probably fit in here.  It will be a great and cute bag to use.  I'm just so afraid it will get filthy dirty fast! oh well! :) I love it! 

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