Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EASY Hooded Towel Tutorial

Again, I apologize for the terrible pictres. I'm using an old camera until I can afford a new one. This little stink bug broke my last one. Also, forgive the mess. I'm in the process of moving baby stuff in and sewing stuff out of this room. Big job!

Materials needed:
bath towel
hand towel
sewing machine

Step 1: fold hand towel in half like a hamburger bun. place it on your child's head and see how far you want it to cover their face or come past their forehead. I didn't do this the first time and had to make some adjustments. My daughter is almost 3 and she still has room to grow with this one. I ended up cutting 6 inches off the side.

Step 2: with right sides together (meaning on a towel... the finished edging you want showing outside is the right side)  stitch up cut edge at 1/4 inch and then either serge or zig zag the edges.
After I bought these I realized one side would be different than the other side of the hood. oh well! they were cheap! (on the pink towel I also cut about an inch off the bottom just because I didn't want it super long. not necessary.

Step 3: find the center of the main towel by folding in half and placing a pin. Match up center of main towel to seam on hood. With right sides of hood and main towel together, stitch at 1/4 inch.