Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finished with the Blessing Dress

   The dress is washed, pressed and buttons sewn on. I made a slip and ruffled diaper cover.

       The slip I started last night and finished this morning. It was pretty simple except for cutting it out on slippery fabric that came from my old wedding dress as well. Finding the grainline is a little difficult and time consuming sometimes. I also noticed while sewing the slip that my needle was snagging the fabric all over. I either have a dull needle (totally possible) or need a satin needle. rather than poking through fabric, the satin one pushes the fiber aside with each stitch. (if that makes sense) I really didn't care that much because it was just a slip.

         The diaper cover was a total pain in my butt! I have a strong love/hate relationship with ruffles. I LOVE the way they look and turn out, I HATE making them. If  I had a fancy sewing machine, I could get a ruffler foot which I would use all the time! Because I didn't have a baby to try it on, I guessed on leg openings and waist measurements. I think it will be adorable on anyway!

          The diaper cover was from a pattern that was pretty wide size range. 0-12m and 12-24m. it will probably be way huge and baggy, but I don't care. it was on my list of things to get done, so I did it.

         This little girl is spoiled rotten already and she isn't here  yet. My older daughter might feel bad later in life because her dress was bought and was so simple. I have been learning sewing by sewing for her, over the years i'll just keep getting better I'm sure.