Friday, August 26, 2011

Ruffle Pants and Peasant Top

     Today, I'll be reviewing two patterns I've been meaning to for a while. I made this today with the intention to have keira wear it on her birthday but it is an ANYTIME outfit. I LOVE IT!

     I purchased the Ruffle Pants pattern from Dream Spun Kids. It can be found here:  I love that they are curvy and have ruffles! So adorable! I did the size 2 pattern, and the pattern piece for the back was weird. She told me earlier that they discontinued the size 2 and was happy to see it came anyway. I was expecting it to be weird, so it's all good. The bigger sizes all look normal!! The instructions on this pattern were good. There were only a few parts where I had to read carefully and think a little. I've had a harder time reading and understanding the store bought patterns! I have a super skinny daughter, so these were falling off her even after I shortened the elastic 2 inches from what the instructions said, but I'm used to that with her. The rise in these is like low rise pants in women. When you bend over or squat down, your bum hangs out! LOL! I had to laugh! :) If my daughter was a little beefier these would be fantastic! It won't stop me from using the pattern though! I love these pants! I wish they made them for me! :)

   This pattern I use A LOT!!! for every outfit I think! It's one of my favorites! It is "Portrait Peasant Tops and Dresses" By scientificseamstress. Her patterns can be found here:   All her patterns are PERFECT and very detailed with many options! I've done this top with ruffles on the bottom and now with ruffle sleeves and plain bottom. I don't know if my daughter just has a long torso or if it is the pattern, but if I just do the length for the shirt to hem it, it hits her really high. It would be showing her belly button. :) In the crab dress I did in an earlier post, I used this pattern and just lengthened it to get it where I wanted and made a ruffle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern! SO MANY OPTIONS! for this outfit, I just made a simple tie for around the waist.
Yay for sewing! I love it! I love etsy too. my fav place to shop! visit my store at