Friday, January 6, 2012

Diaper Bag for Mary

               My best friend is having a baby in a matter of weeks!  months and months ago, I promised I'd sew her a diaper bag, so as usual, I crammed a week of sewing time into a day and a half.  This pattern I used looks cute on the outside, but if I ever use it again, i'd change A LOT about it.
First of all, the instructions are very spotty. There was a lot not spelled out that you are left to figure out on your own. I was annoyed with that because it took me longer to do, but other than that I had no problem figuring it out. The straps were super thick to sew through once you put the two sides together. I broke a few needles and think I ruined the motor on my sewing machine. The inside was VERY disappointing. I planned all these cute pockets using her dimensions and directions.

        She says there are 8 inside pockets. 4 of them are impossible to use unless you are a child reaching inside them. If I make it again, i'll do my own thing on the inside and have lots of pockets that are all big enough to use. I do like that I chose to use canvas for the bag. it's way sturdy and can stand up on it's own. it's a very big bag so I think all in all she'll love it.

   I did a little applique on the pockets and instead of using one large piece of fabric, I used scraps and cut other pieces to make it look way cuter and fit the dimensions still.

  I made a little bag for the inside of this bag to keep medicines and nail clippers and things too. I used a zipper I had on hand and it was metal so it is a bit tempormental.  It may just need to be broken in a little.

the back of the bag has an applique on it also.
 now to sit down and hand sew the binding on and I'm done!!! :) Hope she likes it!