Monday, March 19, 2012

Indoor garage sale

      I am cleaning out the basement so my husband can build a family room! We hope that will help our house to sell better! I am trying to collect money also so we can put it toward a double stroller that we will need soon or just diapers or building materials. :)

      I will take paypal for a payment if needed and I will ship items to you if needed as long as the buyer pays shipping.  The items can get to Elko, NV or on the way there or Logan, UT if needed. Please contact me if you want to purchase anything:

First up: Jeep changing pad- barely used  (small scratches on clip)   $5.00
the pad part can be removed completely and just use the pockets to keep diapers and wipes in.

Seccond up: gold lamps- Never used (shades still in packaging) One had a lighbulb break off while still in it. My mother in law gave them to us when we got married lightbulbs in them and they have been stored ever since.   $20.00

Third: Deni icecream maker- used once  Has been stored ever since.  No instruction manual with it but i'm sure it can be looked up online. Hot pink cover. $10.00 OBO

New icecream makers sell for $69.99 here:

recipes found here:

Fourth: pink Little miss fun shorts size girls 7/8  $2.00 OBO dusty from basement SOLD

Fifth Item up: red halter top - girls 5T  (dusty from basement- great condition other than that)
$2.00 OBO SOLD

Six: Mary Kate and Ashley Jeans size Girls 6- like new condition $2.00 OBO SOLD

Seven: Partylight frosted crystal votive holders (have been in original boxes and stored for years) I used these for about a year on occasion and while moving one broke. Expensive back in the day. dusty from basement
  $10.00 OBO SOLD

Eight: Brother sewing machine.  Very Basic and kept it as a backup to my own.  I'd rather get rid of it at this point that store it. comes with regular foot. $30.00 OBO SOLD

Nine: TRIKE would rather sell than store it. the part from radio flyer needed to fix is $4.00 plus shipping.  $5.00 or FREE

This trike was picked up at a garage sale with the intention of fixing it. one wheel is bent like it got run over. the only part bent is the circle the rubber tire fits on. I am sure a replacememt part can be ordered or even taken a hammer to it. I have the rubber tire that goes on it. I just want it out of my garage. I am sorry that this is not a very good picture, it's way up high in the garage and I can't get to it myself. the front wheel is turned around so it looks funny too.  SOLD

TEN:  Diaper bag I have sewn on this blog for my last baby towards the end of needing one. BARELY USED.  I decided to go with a different style (also shown on my blog).  This bag had a lot of time and materials put into it. High quality and attention to detail.
$35.00 OBO

ELEVEN: 2006 YZ450F $2800.00 SOLD
New piston and rings. Stage 2 hot cams. Extra rim and tire for sand. call or text Pete 435-770-5963