Friday, June 15, 2012

Sisters outfit

What am I still doing awake?! I should totally be sleeping because it's 1:30 a.m.
It's the only time I get to have to myself lately, although i'm usually so beat tired I can't keep my eyes open. Where is this energy coming from? I am a week away from my due date and feeling like I have things left to do that somehow have been forgotten about. I FINALLY packed a hospital bag yesterday.

            I bought fabric at Joann's pretty cheap with my coupons the other day and wanted to make some sister outfits to POSSIBLY wear at the hospital. we'll see. I was hoping to give me a project that would take up some time and make me forget about the week ahead. I can't just leave stuff for later so I started the skirts this morning and finished it all tonight. All day I was out and about so I'm pretty amazed!

            The applique on the shirts didn't turn out as good as I hoped for. ESPECIALLY the onesie! that was horrible because it was so small. don't look too close because you will think it looks as bad as I do. I just don't have the right stitches on my machine for these and it would have been a perfect project for an embroidery machine. SOMEDAY!

I might make a diaper cover for my 2 year old to go under the skirt. we'll see how I feel tomorrow. :)

           oh, for the letters, I just went into microsoft works and picked a font and printed it the size that would work well. it was at size 74 and then I printed it at different sizes like 180% or something. you just have to play around with it. Then, I held it up to a window backwords and traced it onto the paper side of the heat and bond sheet. after that, I cut each letter out rough and ironed it on to different fabrics then cut the letters out. worked great!