Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ballerina Birthday Party

I can't believe that my little girl just turned 3! It seems like yesterday she was learning to walk! Now she is potty trained, goes to a dance class by herself, and has a huge imagination! 

    Every day I find her changing her clothes 50 times a day and wanting to be in a dress to be a princess. She even goes to the bottom of the stairs and yells up to me "Repunzel, let down your hair!" She spends the day twirling around the house singing so I thought that a Ballet party would be awesome fun for her! 

This is not her info. I purchased her cute invite here.

    I reserved a dance studio for a party where the teacher would do a little 20/30 min class with them and we could use the preschool room there to do the actual party. It worked out perfect! 

    Before the party I had drawn out a leotard on pink paper, cut them out and glued them onto white cardstock.  I mixed up two colors of poster paint or washable paint and painted each hand in each color and  had them place their hands below the leotard to make a tutu.  I have not taken a picture close up of it yet and not finished it.  I plan on placing ribbon around the leotard waist where the top of the hands are to make it look more tutu like.  I was happy to find out the preschool room had a sink for just this purpose. :) If you want to see an example of a finished one, go to this link

         I also got a bunch of candy that had a hole in the middle and some pretzels. I cut up licorice and placed them in the bowls.  I then had stretchy  elastic for necklaces in all sorts of colors that I cut for each of them in their choice of color.  Then they had at it and strung on things they wanted.  then I tied them and they wore them! :) 

    Here they are wearing them.  I'm happy that I only had 4 girls to help at this party.  We invited a few more but they had other plans. This worked out perfect! I even put on the invite something about having them wear their tutus.  I thought about making tutus for everyone, but I didn't have the budget for it and didn't honestly feel like putting MORE effort into it. :) 

Before her Party, I got her all dressed up and took her in the backyard for a mini photo-shoot. 
Keep in mind it is just the backyard, I was just using my digital point and shoot and the sun has shadows all over the grass.  They still turned out pretty dang cute! Just a way to document it later in her baby book of what a pretty and sweet girl she is! I still cant believe something so cute came out of me. :) 

            For her Birthday party I made her cupcakes and spend HOURS cutting out mini leotards, hot gluing two back to back and placing a toothpick in the center and then glued on tulle for the tutu. I attached a little jewel on them and added some glitter around the waist. HOURS I tell you, hours.  I need a life. I hope my daughter knows how much I love her. 

I even tried out the cool swirl cupcake top using this tutorial. I had to buy a 1M tip and new coupler but well worth it! so cute! I like to use the whipped canned frosting. I would have made homemade stuff, but my hand mixer died on me in the process. I would love a bosch someday!!!! until then I'll just go buy another cheap hand mixer. they work. 

I have the patterns I made for these in picture form. I don't know if you can just save the picture and print it that way.  sorry for the unprofessional look. my daughter got a hold of it and tried to trace her foot. I didn't feel like redoing it all. 

For the dance lesson, you can see my daughter was really enjoying herself. :) she had a hard time staying focused but I think most of that was it was all new to her and she was happy and having a good time. She was also stinking tired. :) 

all in all, it was a good party! 

     My husband originally planned on going golfing for this Birthday party because it was so "GIRLY" , so I wanted to have a little party at home with a cake.  He ended up staying for it anyway and I think he really enjoyed being there. For the cake, I made big leotard out of glitter foam sheets found in the craft section of JoAnn's, hot glued two back to back placing a shish kabob skewer in the center. I then hot glued tulle all around it and used sticky ribbon for the waist and attached all those little jewels all over. turned out so cute! 

It makes me happy to work so hard and see it all pay off with a happy girl! I love that I get the opportunity to be a mom and to learn and grow with them. I'm not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes, but oh! how I love my girls!!! 

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