Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BDU dress and hat

   My brother serves in the U.S. Air Force and has been stationed in Afghanistan for over 9 months.  He gets to come home in a few weeks so I wanted his kids to have something cute and meaningful for them to wear when they get to see him for the first time again.
     This dress was made in a size 5 (bigger than dresses I'm used to sewing around here, so it seemed super huge! It fit her though!) The pattern I used can be purchased here  it's called the Carla Strip-work Jumper
Tops and Dresses. It comes in sizes 6 month to 8 years.  I have to say that I LOVE Scientific Seamstress patterns.  I have used multiple ones and each one is perfect! she even sends you a doll size pattern along with it.  This dress I did not do strip-work, I just did the full panel bottom and did not do a ruffle.  I added 2 yards of lace trim to the bottom. I loved not having to hem the bottom that way! :)

      For the knot front, I did the button holes in the same position as the pattern tells you to, but I doubled the strap pattern in length, then placed the pattern piece on a fold. It did come out double the total length that way.  I use this pattern all the time and AGAIN, I love it!!

      The hat was intended for my nephew, however when he got it, it was too small. :( My daughter is in these pictures to show how it fits. I feel bad they live so far away from me (NC) and I had to just ship it and hope it fit. Now my nephew doesn't have anything to wear. sad!!!
   For the hat I used the  Jack N Jill Hat- Sewing Pattern by Izzy and Ivy 
     It is an awesome pattern and I believe it would have fit fine if I wasn't using such thick fabric. It was also my very first hat from this pattern, so perhaps they just run small.  I intend on making more, especially after seeing my daughter in it. so cute!!!

(I have no idea what she is doing in her mouth, but it was a good hat shot)

      When I started this project, I had the intention of using used uniforms, but no matter how I tried to work it, there was not a piece big enough to make the dress.  if it were a smaller dress, I probably could have done it using the shirts. I ended up ordering fabric from here.  I purchased 1 1/4 yards (60 wide) for $6.something and then paid shipping.  it wasn't too bad, and it got here really fast.  

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