Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carli's 1st Birthday

       My baby just turned 1 and I thought it would be  a cute theme to do Milk and Cookies. :) She loves Milk and she of course LOVES cookies!!!! I wanted to do just a low key backyard party for her with neighbors and family over to eat cookies and drink milk and play on the trampoline and in the kiddie pool. It was a success!!!

      I had to wake her up from her nap for her party, so she took a little while to warm up.

I saw all these cute pictures of milk online in cute bottles but couldn't find them and didn't want to pay that much for milk.  This works! :) My friend made up the cool labels and decorations for me.  I just printed them off and hung everything up.

         I even went with the milk mustache idea and made a bunch of chocolate mustache suckers.

         For my oldest daughter's first birthday she got a Stella doll and my old doll cradle my dad made for me when I was a little girl.  I sewed some cradle bedding and a baby blanket for her.  For Carli, I wanted to carry on the tradition. I saw this cute crib from Ana White with instructions online and knew this was the one. My good friend Arnold helped me build it and we made it even better than the crib in the instructions with his craftsman know how and awesome tools!!! I learned so much and I can't wait for another project!

I should have taken before pictures of it, but didn't.  I ended up painting it white with a coral drawer.  I even sprinkled glitter on the drawer for a sparkle look! :)

( I can't get the picture to load on here normal no matter what I do... sorry) I promised Arnold that I would write my name on it somewhere, so I did that and wrote her a little love note on the bottom of the drawer.

I am in love with this fabric, and my friend let me dig through her fun fabric stash so I could make something for her.  This turned out perfect!!!
I wanted the bedding to resemble real baby bedding, so the bumper was very important and not hard at all. 

         It would have been fun to make a really cute blanket for the baby using a fun quilting pattern or something, but I was ready to just be done at this point and already feeling guilty for all the extra work I put into this gift. 

What's in there Carli? Only the most coolest, specialist gift ever!!! U better love it!! :) lol

  I think she likes it!!!! 

    For Her birthday cake I just used cake mix from a box and did pink and chocolate, and layered them and put a big scoop of icecream in the middle. :) (that's a mustache on top)

It was a super fun day and all the kids... and adults had a huge sugar overload!!! :) I still can't believe my baby is so grown up. It seems like just yesterday I brought her home for the first time. 

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