Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Baby Boy Crib Set

     Right after I found out I was having a little boy, I knew I wanted to go with the "wilderness/forest" theme. On the market you can buy owls and "cute" animal type bedding. After months of pinning things on pintrest, I finally decided to go with the modern print fabric and just do accents in elk, deer, bears, moose and fish. I am so excited to see the rest  come all together. :)

     Bedding I found online I was considering cost around $150.00 and up and I guarantee it is not quality like this set is! When I went to buy fabric I was ASTONISHED when my total bill came to $109.00. That made me a quilt top, quilt back, bumpers, minkee sheet, and crib skirt! :)

This crib has been so loved and well used! I am grateful that my brother and sister in law chose to hand their crib down to me. It was a hand made crib that was used for each of my 4 nephews and niece and now has gone through two of my girls and is ready for our son. :) 

      To make the bumpers I purchased this from Joann's with a coupon and spend about 23.00.  My awesome friend, Breisha, helped me measure and cut fabric because right now my pregnant mind can't quite confidently do that. lol! 
       This cute moose is from Scentsy and we collect the scentsy buddies around here. Once I saw this moose, I had to have him!!!! I just took his scarf off. Behind the moose you can see my crooked stitching between the foam pads on the bumper.  That is also how the ties are attatched. 
I chose to do piping for the first time ever! It was not as scary and hard as you might think, it just takes a little patience! :) I LOVE the way it looks! 

I bought fabric on Tuesday and finished this far on Thursday!!! The minkee crib sheet is so soft and stretchy! I am so glad I chose that fabric. 

        This quilt top took me from Friday to Tuesday to finish. I wasn't working on it very fast because I wanted it to be perfect! Each finished square is 3", It was made from 10, 4" squares of each color row. The top row and bottom row are only half and use 5 squares each.  I used the pattern from handmadeisheartmade etsy shop. It was more intimidating than it needed to be. It really wasn't hard at all. Just time consuming. 

    I chose to do a deer applique on the quilt and am so happy I did. It looks like mountains! The deer and navy boarder are in minkee like the sheet and the back of the quilt will be minkee also.  My friend from damselsdaughters on etsy will be doing the quilting for me and I am so excited!!! Everything she does turns out so stinking cute! 

I even had time to make burp rags, and receiving blankets. My burp rags are my absolute favorite!! I LOVE them!!!! you can find the tutorial when you click the "burp rags" right above. 

     The flannel I used for the blankets is stuff I have had for years, thinking maybe someday I'd find a use for them.  They are each different sizes and are only single layer thick because I am having a spring/summer baby. 
I just hemmed each side and tada!!!  

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