Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where did I go?

             Hey everyone! I'm sorry I sorta dropped off the face of the earth for a while.  Shortly after family pictures I found out I was pregnant with baby #3!!!! I spent months and months hugging the toilet and gave up on anything involving energy or effort.  I FINALLY feel ok and now have 3 months to prepare for this little BOY!!! Boy?? I don't have anything in this house for a boy! :) We have done pink, princesses and bows forever! Needless to say, we are all super excited to welcome this little boy into our lives. 
I could never get a cute profile ultrasound, he is a snuggler and would not cooperate! :)

So, I'll let you all in on my plans for the nursery and crib bedding!! I just got fabric yesterday and can't wait to get started!!

             First off, my plan is to keep two walls the same color they are now (tan) and paint the other two grey if I have time and if it looks ok.  I am going with modern fabrics for the crib in grey, toupe, blue, navy and teal/aqua. THEN...... have accents everywhere of ANTLERS, elk, deer, fish, moose, and bears!

               These are the fabrics I chose! I purchased them from my favorite fabric shop ever... handmadeisheartmade on etsy!!!!   My amazing friend from DamselsDaughters on etsy was a HUGE help and I could not have picked out fabrics without her! She has a wonderful eye for putting fabrics together and making BEAUTIFUL creations! She is just starting up her etsy shop and I think everyone should stop by and see her!

This picture above is the fabric for the crib set: multi colored chevron is for the bumper, grey is for the ties, navy minkee (so soft) is for the crib sheet and the teal/aqua is for the bed skirt.

The two above pictures are to show you the chevron quilt I will be making. the teal/aqua will be a boarder all around the quilt. I'm kind of intimidated by the whole process, but i'm determined and i'll keep you all posted. The back will be navy minkee too like the crib sheet! 
This is an example of a chevron quilt without a boarder. 

These fabrics are a few I found to do burp rags with! so cute! 

This picture of a dresser is the idea of I have with my dresser I bought for $25.00 this summer with plans to paint it and refinish it.  I will paint my dresser in the cobalt blue from the fabric and keep the top of it a dark cherry to match the crib. Then for the drawer pulls, I want to cut up an antler and use those! 

I found an antler light switch plate I want to get too! 

I have found a bear rug, deer rug and moose rug! I would LOVE to get one of these too for the floor. SO CUTE!!! 


This antler vinyl is a MUST on the wall! 

There are a few other decorations I want to do, but in my time frame, i'll have to see how it goes! So for now, this is my goal! :) 

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