Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things for my little stink bug

For Keira's Easter Basket I bought some Alex toys stringing beads and made a zipper pouch to keep them in and cary in my diaper bag.
Yes it's blue fabric probably meant for a boy, but It works just fine and I always loved blue when I was younger. PLUS I used a pink zipper!! :) I made this using a tutorial online I found. This is now the 3rd zipper i've ever done. I think i'm getting the hang of it! :)

Inside is cute fabric that says Neigh Moo Oink Cheep etc. I lined the lining and outside with interfacing. I figure with stuff that is going to get used, do it sturdy the first time and you will never have to make a replacement. :)

The next pictures are of shirts I made for her.
The hippos again. This is a bigger size and it was much faster this time. I think I went a little overboard on the buttons. :) oh well!

The apple I did on the onesies. I just love the apple!
I always say Keira is my little mermaid because she loves the water.  Bath, swimming and of course... the toilet. GAG! This applique was done a little different that the others I've done mostly because of the finished outside edges. I normally do a different stitch but I wanted it to all look the same. She loves this mermaid! it's like a doll on a shirt! This one took me all day it seemed. I also cut the only sketch I made of it up in the process of cutting fabric pieces. Dang! that wasn't very smart! I figure if I need to make a different one i'll figure something out!

Now I'm stressing out because as of today I have a week left to get ready for the craft fair. I still have so much to do! I guess I could have waited to do my little girl's stuff for later, but I kinda figure she comes first! :) My other problem is that when I sew I neglect things like the dishes and folding laundry. My sewing stuff is spread from one end of the house to the other. What i'd give for a sewing room! I need a maid!