Friday, April 29, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day!

FINALLY! phew!
My last onesie for a while. I had another stack of onesies to do before the craft fair, but when I looked at them yesterday I just wasn't feeling it. I need to be into what I'm doing otherwise it turns out looking terrible and sloppy. I don't put out sloppy work!

My mom asked me to make her a gift for a baby shower she is going to in a few weeks. This little boy will be ready  for camping! (yes, I made two moose. I think they are cute)

This was all I got done today. :(  The binder is for people to look through to purchase my patterns and the cds have the patterns on them. Those have been a lot of work. They are costing me about 60 cents each to make too. That's not including the labels I was given by my awesome friend. She has been such a help to me for this craft fair! THANK YOU KATE! I printed each envelope with my business card and each label had to be designed and printed off and stuck on to the cd. The burning part is taking me hours! Oh how I would love a new computer. The actual buring of the cds is quick. It's the imputing new information with EACH cd. It's dumb. And after I get one pattern all burnt off and am ready to start on the next one, my computer won't let me. I have to restart my computer each time and it works fine after that. such a pain in my butt! Because of all this, You might notice my posting time. 3:30 a.m. I'm so stinking tired right now. My daughter even woke up once and I was in with her for a while. Last night I was up till 3 too. this week has killed me. I hope to be done in the next ten min and I'll hopefully finish tomorrow. sorry for whining. :) I really hope my hard work pays off. or pays something.