Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

     Right now my 3 year old loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! :) I thought for Halloween she could be Minnie Mouse and it would be pretty simple to make.  I received a pattern from Little Lizard King and I LOVE IT!!!

You can find the exact pattern HERE.

     This pattern was simple, so easy and the pattern piece was the best part.  You only have to use this tiny pattern piece to cut out the arm hole rather than the whole top. BRILLIANT!  It has options for different sleeves and bottom of dress. I plan on making a few more of these asap with different sleeves. This dress is so fun.  PLUS it runs true to size.  I made a 4t because with other patterns for this type dress they always fit super small on her and she is already super skinny. This dress turned out a little big because I planned for it fitting tight. I would TOTALLY buy this pattern readers! it's a basic pattern everyone can use and has so many options to make it your own. It would be great for someone learning to sew too! :)

I added a tie to add some Minnie Mouse character and to help it fit better because I made it extra big. 

I've had tops like this before that I've done ties for and they just end up slipping off or falling down all day. I decided to sew it on to the dress in the front just a little. I didn't go all the way across because it would look funny with the gathers and pleats that are naturally made. This will just hold it in place enough and keep the fabric from folding over and bunching up. It works great! 
don't mind the sloppy bow. I was in a hurry. :) 

do you think she likes it a little? 

I'm having my friend from Crafting Friends make this hat for me to go with it: 

Now all she needs is some white gloves and she's ready to go Trick or Treating! :) 

I love this little girl! She always has crazy hair, a princess dress on, and a bow she puts in herself. She is going to love this costume and I love that I can make her smile just by doing something I love to do for her. It makes me feel good. I may not be the best mom all the time and I constantly get frustrated with the tantrums and whining, but sewing for her makes me feel like I can do something right for her. 


Happy Halloween!

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