Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Projects for the week

Lately, I've been wanting to keep myself occupied so I don't feel so lonely during the week. This is a "K" for Keira's room I did. I used scrap book paper for the front and cut the birds from scrap book paper also. I used glitter all over the place wherever I could too. 

This block is a 1.5" block that I used scrap book paper, pictures and modge podge all over. :) it turned out really cute! 

I made blocks for each of my girls the same size as the sister block. each has a foot picture, the princess quote, a side that is just their name, weight, time of birth, date of birth and in between the name and date I have their actual footprints that I shrunk down really small. I'd post it, but I don't want that information shared. 

These were a really fun project and I did all the print work on microsoft works. :)