Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boys Ties

The sewing pattern used for these ties is found here:  I just loved this pattern, I bought the dad's tie pattern too! :) This is the best shop ever!  I love her patterns! These ties are just like the real ties you buy in the store only easier, cheaper, and with cooler fabrics! I don't know how they will wear because I'm not a boy and these are for my nephews. They are cotton, so they will probably wrinkle but that's ok, they are awesome! :) the best part is, they turned out great even though I didn't "measure" and get the pattern precisely on the fabric. I just sorta guessed, because, I was a little lazy. :) ANYONE will love this pattern! You don't even have to be a pro to sew them! look at mine! :)
I have made these ties with fabric I got at garage sales or left over from sewing projects or from grandma. You only need 3/4 yard for the size 10 tie. You may need less too. I used a different fabric for the back because I didn't have enough for the front. But don't most ties use different fabric for the back?