Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitty Costume

            I wanted to make this for a long time and finally decided to do it!  I know i'm like a month early planning for Halloween, but that's just how I am.

I got this pattern from: or This pattern is so cute! I love it and it wears so comfortable and easy. Sewing these overalls was a lot faster than I thought as well. I will make these again for sure! Please ignore all the lint stuck to these in the pictures. My daughter doesn't want to take them off for a second and they are made out of velveteen. I chose this fabric because I got it in a huge box of fabric I purchsed at a garage sale for two bucks. There is a big roll of it in the box so I better use it! :)
   I added a tail to the back and wrote meow in fabric paint. I kind of regret the fabric paint idea, only because I'm not sure it even looks good. the bow was added above the tail so the letters wouldn't look so weird. sigh. It's just a halloween costume! :) right?

    This pattern calls for a lining, so I used fleece to keep her warm, and it's also stuff I had on hand. THANK YOU GRANDMA! My button holes are far from perfect, but they work!

  This is a collar I made her with ribbon and glued crystals and pearls on it. the ends are closed together using a hook and eye. my camera doesn't show this well, but the whole outfit uses pink and black.

Don't you just love her crazy hair?! first thing this morning she wanted it on!