Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wrap Skirt

I like how simple this skirt is to make. I would probably use a different fabric next time, something without nap or direction. also, I didn't have any bias tape, so I just used fabric I had that went with it to make my own. The fabric was not cotton, so it doesn't lay down very nice. This is not due to the pattern in any way, just my resources. It was a little confusing for me to figure out how it goes on a person because I don't have anyone this size here at my house. It is for my niece. This pattern would be easy to make a lining for too if you wanted it thicker or not see through. I like that you don't need to hem things because I hate hemming. all in all it was an easy skirt! I like it a lot! I only wish It came in my size! :) I also did something with the skirt as far as sizing. My niece is skinny like my daughter so I made a 5/6 in the waist and a 7/8 in length. I hope it works out! now, for a top!