Friday, September 23, 2011

Canning for the fist time

           On top of Sewing like mad these past few days and weeks, I have also been trying to can for the first time! When stuff gets ripe, you have no choice but to get the work done then! :) Phew! Too bad I don't get a paycheck for working this hard! I think in all honesty, I work harder being a stay at home mom than I ever did working full time getting paid. There is so much wasted time at work. I used to think, "I can't believe I'm here, I could be getting this, and this and this done at home." I feel pretty fulfilled at home sometimes!

Apple sauce is next! Yay!
          Canning makes me think of the pioneer women for some reason. I'm pretty grateful for Tiffany who helps me with stuff like this! I can't imagine being a woman back in the wagon days trying to take care of baking each day and cooking and killing chickens, collecting eggs, making candles, tending children, doing laundry, cleaning and canning on top of it all. I bet they did it all alone too because their farms were so far apart and husbands were out with the livestock or plough. I'm pretty happy to live in this day and age sometimes, but sometimes I wouldn't mind no tv and the NEED for internet and phones.