Friday, September 23, 2011

Wrap Shirt

I love this pattern!!! I will make it time and time again. I can't wait to try new fabrics and try different combinations. I wanted a simple cute halloween/October shirt. The instructions were easy to follow and I love the way it came together. I really like the way the hem is done and the finishing work. Nothing complicated and it makes for clean lines. LOVE IT!!! The pattern has you put the ties on the other side, but because of shortage of bias tape, I had to improvise on the last inch of the top and I didn't want it to show. I hid it on the inside of the shirt. I also made my own ribbon for the outside because, again, I ran out. I like that most the time I can improvise. :) I do most of my sewing late at night and running to the store is out of the question. I have so many scraps anyway, that it's nice to use them up for things. :)